IT Workshop: 

Career search: Planning for Life after Criminology. Where am I now and how to I get to where I want to be? Looking at Mahara portfolios as a way of collating and storing your information and researching what graduates can do with a criminology degree (2 Hours). Click here if you want to see a Powerpoint on how to use Mahara.


Following on from the IT sessions, prepare a 5 minute presentation on Life after Criminology using 6 attractive power-point slides. Click here if you want any advice on creating a Powerpoint presentation. Remember that your choice of ‘career’ does not have to be a job in the criminal justice system. Many of our graduates go on to do work that is not related to the criminal justice system at all. Your presentation could also be about a gap year travel experience, voluntary work or a programme of study/training.

In terms of content, you can do the following:

 Concentrate on one particular career strand/post graduate course/training opportunity/travel opportunity in detail;

Do a more general presentation and cover a number of different examples, if you are interested in lots different things (but remember that you only have 5 mins);

 If you don’t know what you want to do, you could identify where you might look for information to help your career planning eg detailing specific websites or even reflective exercises (career anchors/dots analysis);

You could reflect about whether there are opportunities to start your own business.


Presentations must be kept to exactly 5 minutes.

Tutors will indicate when you have 30 seconds remaining, and will stop you at 5 minutes.

You must use 6 power-point slides to illustrate your presentation.

Presentations will be informally commented on by the tutor in the seminars.

 Click here for some useful websites: