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‘Criminology in the Professions’ is a Level 2: 15 cats points module, which is studied by BA (Hons) Criminology students and BSc (Hons) Criminology and Forensic Investigation students.

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Criminology in the Professions is a criminology module that is designed to bridge the gaps between academic knowledge/theory, professional practice and employability skills. In this module you will apply methodological skills in order to study and reflect on professional practice within the criminal justice system and related agencies. The module includes theoretical contributions from academic staff coupled with examples of practice from a number of practitioners.

On this module you will be encouraged to situate yourself within the discipline of criminology, rather than being external to it by reflecting on your own ‘cultural capital’ and considering how this might be made to match and facilitate your future aspirations beyond university. You will be encouraged to find out about opportunities within and beyond the curriculum that might enhance your current competences, and you will also be asked to theoretically reflect on your aspirations and plans beyond university.

The module reflects the ‘student as producer’ ethos which aims to make students part of the academic project of the university. As a result you will be encouraged to take academic control of some aspects of the module. You also may get the opportunity to participate in a number of small research projects related to this module.

Your attendance and participation is crucial for this module, and will be reflected in your assessment marks. This will be monitored and registers will be taken in both seminars and lectures. Ultimately you should approach this module in the same way as you would in the case of employment.

Hope you enjoy this module.

Best wishes Jill Jameson, Sue Bond-Taylor and Katie Strudwick


Students taking part in a world cafe event in order to produce research data about the module.


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