Here are some comments from students who have studied the module:

It made me actually think about what I wanted to do as it hadn’t crossed my mind much at this stage;

Allowed you the opportunity to gain valuable advice about importance of volunteering and careers that may not have thought about;

An insight into what the uni has to offer in terms of careers advice;

Disappointed there isn’t a trip and also that there was not representative from police;

Maybe do the module earlier on in semester A so its easier to find time to do volunteer work.

Extremely relevant and important;

Eye-opener to the range of careers; 

Helped me write better CV’s and personal statement and where to find info about careers;

Lots of information and contacts on blackboard;

Would like a visit to some sort of employment place as a class;

Very good advice and made me think about my career;

Good to hear colleagues plans and aspirations:

Some of the practitioners were extremely helpful;

The assessment method and practitioner lectures were a good change and variation was very useful;

Loved it;  

Assessment helpful as researching helped to gain info about an organisation;

Good idea to get students thinking about CV:

I like the assessment but it has confused me even more on what I want to do:

A different and very useful module I also like assessment.